Our core services

Project Management

We will proactively manage your project - within our sustainable holistic approach - as well as monitor its quality, planning and budget. In short, Advisers directs all actors. We control and manage the design and construction process.

With just one goal, the successful completion of your project. By carefully and actively safeguarding sustainability, risks, quality, timing and budget, we guarantee an optimal construction process. All this in close consultation with you, the client.

Budget, quantity survey and cost control

Budget management

An essential part of real estate projects is the budget. Our budget manager helps you not only to draw up but also to follow up the budget of your real estate project. Budget management covers the entire lifecycle of a project, from the initial planning phase, measuring the actual execution costs to the full completion of the project. It can include planning, estimation, budgeting, financing, cost management and follow-up. The ultimate goal is to complete the project within the approved budget and to provide a global overview of revenues and expenses.

Quantity survey and cost control

Our quantity surveyors examine the contractual side of the real estate project and carry out detailed checks on the entire project cost throughout the entire project trajectory. In addition to budget management, the audit involves an in-depth, detailed screening of the budget or a completely independent compilation of measurement statements and estimates at the various key moments of the project or as a continuous second opinion. You can rely on our service in order to have a sustained second opinion.

Feasibility study, real estate strategy and project definition

Before starting a project, you want to assess its feasibility. In order to be able to (re)develop in a future-proof way, we advise a holistic vision and approach that puts all your ambitions, objectives and stakeholders within a larger perspective.

Our feasibility studies aim first of all to identify the spatial, economic and societal potential as broadly as possible and then to obtain the most favorable combination. The spatial and financial feasibility of different possible development scenarios will be mapped in an objective, rational and comparable manner after design research.

Based on the analyzed data, our experts will provide you with one or more substantiated preferred scenarios, accompanied by a financial plan and a plan of approach for implementation so that you can focus on your real estate strategy and make a decision about your project within an overall master plan vision in a well-considered way.

This strategy can then be further elaborated into an integrated project definition that brings together all your wishes and ambitions and can serve as a guideline for the further development process and the involvement of other actors.

Our complementary services

Sustainability advice & environmental consultancy

Sustainability advice

On the basis of a proven methodology, we guide you to build or (re)develop as futureproof and sustainable as possible. Preferably Advisers starts off even before conclusion of the design phase. Mapping out the ambitions, objectives and expectations of all parties involved leads to an integrated design, elaborated for and supported by the stakeholders. This implies cost efficiency and time savings during the further roll-out of the project. Sustainability advice can relate to a single project or building but also to an entire real estate portfolio.

Environmental consultancy

Our environmental coordinator assists you with the preparation of environmental permit applications, reporting files, environmental subsidies and the preparation of environmental annual reports. You can come to us with administrative-legal and technical questions. If you want to limit your impact on the environment as much as possible or even make it positive, our sustainability experts are ready to use their knowledge of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to formulate objectives in line with your vision. On these objectives, actions are formulated which then have implications, e.g. on the choice of materials, techniques, etc.

Process assistance complex collaboration structures and area development.

Our experts advise and assist public and private parties as well as combinations and collaborations (PPP, DB(FM), ...) in realizing sustainable area development and innovative real estate projects. After all, these are often realized within complex cooperation structures with many players involved and diverse interests. Whether or not we have performed a preliminary feasibility study - real estate strategy - project definition first, we organize the competition and/or appointment procedures for the study and realization teams for the parties and then structure and supervise the further design, the permit application and any further tendering and execution.

Delegated promotorship and/or project advisor

Do you, as an investor, corporate or project developer, as public stakeholder not have the necessary resources, time or know-how, our 'Advisers' will assist you as a delegated promoter-constructer with the necessary knowledge and experience.

They will take over the entirety of tasks of the promotor-constructor. Independently, we align execution and design perfectly with each other. Our expert acts as a central point of contact for architects, contractors, clients, study bureau and other parties involved.

Technical Expertise

A new development or the acquisition of (new) buildings often involves certain complexities. We approach your questions with our technical expertise and advise you during the execution and delivery of your real estate project. With a critical eye, we check all the technical installations, the entire outer shell, the used materials and applications so that you can make decisions (in function of the continuation of the project) or deliver your project with peace of mind.

Technical due diligence for buyers and sellers

For potential buyers and sellers of a property, our "technical due diligence" provides an independent technical screening. On the basis of a general inspection of the building and an administrative check (environmental and building permit, guarantees on technical installations...), and a detailed examination of your building, our experts draw up a clear overview of the condition of each component, the necessity of replacements or repairs, and the corresponding costs.

Circular Economy

Health & Safety Management