In order to meet your needs, Advisers has developed a broad range of solutions over the years. We accompany real estate developers through each of the decisive stages of their projects with an approach based on ethical values and professional independence. Based on expertise tested on public and private markets, Advisers creates added value for its clients through optimal support and advice on cost control, deadlines and regulatory compliance.

Our experience / background / history

After a successful partnership with British chartered surveyor company Tillyard, Advisers became an independent entity in 1987, collaborating with architectural and engineering clients on a full range of pertinent and professional advisory services for projects of any kind of complexity. During these 25 years we have constantly enriched our experience by keeping a vigilant watch on the market and technological evolutions. 

A single interface in various languages

In order to provide a global, integrated and customer-focused service, we have federated our different services into one single interface. This enables you to deal with a single spokesperson within our organization, heading a team of professionals dedicated to their assigned tasks.

We have French, English, Dutch and German native speakers to address your case in your mother tongue.

This philosophy enables us to act as your “authorized agent” and guarantees a high level of flexibility.

Finally, by using the latest technologies and a contemporary company structure, we ensure permanent accessibility and a perfect transparency of information.

From feasibility study and investment

From feasibility study and investment risk assessment through post-completion advice and monitoring, Advisers guides developers and architects, using a global process based on the "Pareto principle" to calculate costs and make sure technical processes are properly implemented, applying rigorous and professional methods to maximize added value.

Our highly qualified experts come directly from the business world: as architects, engineers and technicians, they provide a highly technical character to the solutions we propose.

Our core services

  • Project Management and representation
  • Cost Control & Consultancy
  • Construction Management

Our complementary services

  • Sustainable & Environmental Consultancy
  • Real Estate Strategy
  • Urban Planning
  • Technical Expertise
  • Investment Assessment
  • Feasibilities
  • Health & Safety Management